There Is More To Eternity Than Living Happily-Ever-After With Your Mate


                                     By Clay Sterrett

    There are wives in the body of Christ who feel they are spiritually mismatched with their husbands.  By spiritually mismatched, I mean a godly wife is married either to an unsaved husband or to one who is not walking in obedience to the Lord. I realize the reverse may be true – a godly husband may have an unspiritual wife; however, for simplicity, I will refer to the wife as being in the predicament.

    Some Christian wives are married to husbands who would profess to be Christians, yet their lives do not attest to it The husband may not be an outright evil man, a drunkard, or child abuser, but spiritually he is a “dud.” A “spiritual dud” will be a man who will be insensitive to his wife, negligent of his appearance, irresponsible in the home, delinquent in disciplining in disciplining and teaching his children, haphazard in reading his Bible and praying, and remiss in taking spiritual initiative. Because of his neglect the wife will often be forced to take the lead spiritually in the home. This man will have little respect form either his wife or his children.     

    In these unpleasant situations, some wives find the grace and strength to cope, but others are miserable as they feel they have been dealt a cruel fate in life. It is hard for them to imagine continuing through life like this:. they may be ready to call it quits. Divorce, which at one time would have never been considered has a growing fascination with them, and is now a real possibility. “ After all,” a wife may reason, “surely God doesn’t want me miserable the rest of my life; He certainly understand my terrible situation.”

    In this booklet we want to examine this situation in the light of God’s word. I hope my thoughts will encourage wives who feel they are ready to “throw in the towel.” God is personally concerned in each one of us and the smallest details of our lives. He has not promised us an easy way in this life, but He has promised His victory and peace, even in the midst or unpleasant circumstances. Through Jesus Christ and His divine power, we have been given everything we need for life and godliness.[1]

    This booklet is certainly not a comprehensive marriage manual. It will not address certain situation, for example, like sexual immorality, which may warrant a divorce.

This booklet is written especially to assist unhappy Christian wives; it may not tell them everything they want to hear, but I pray these thoughts will encourage and bring hope to those who need it.


  1. [1] II Pet. 1:3



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