END TIME ENCOURAGEMENT FOR THE PEOPLE OF GOD - Many believers have become somewhat skeptical about anything related to end times and prophecy, while other nervous believers seem to thrive on Bible prophecy – constantly looking for prophetic signs in the world's news and thinking about dates. One thing we can agree upon: the Bible is a prophetic book. Some have estimated as much as 20% of Scripture deals with future events, those things yet to come. In this book, we will look at the major prophetic themes in the Bible without being dogmatic about all the details. More importantly, followers of Christ can be prepared and face the future with an optimistic faith! For believers, the best is yet to come!

BECOMING A SUCCESS IN LIFE . . . GOD’S WAY - This book is dedicated to young Christian men and women who are at a crucial juncture in life, finishing their high school or secondary education, and now setting out on the next big step in life. We will see in this book that God’s definition of “success” might be quite different (and much better) from our usual thinking!  This 100 page book is easy to read and topics are very practical.  Topics include: Fully Surrendering to Jesus’ Lordship; Loving the Word of God; Learning to Pray; Overcoming the Sinful Nature; Working Unto the Lord; Preparing for Marriage; Connecting to the Local Church; and Using What You Have to Serve Others

OVERCOMERS IN CHRIST was written with three key Ugandan leaders to have more of an African emphasis, yet probably 95% is applicable to Americans as well.  This is a 336 page teaching book with twenty practical chapters. Topics include: Overcoming Sin ,  Overcoming Bitterness, Overcoming Depression, Overcoming Stubborn Habits,  Overcoming Sexual Immorality and Overcoming Marital Strife.  No matter what obstacles we face, we can overcome in Christ! read more...

THE MOST ENCOURAGING VERSE IN THE BIBLE FOR BELIEVERS IN ANY DIFFICULT CIRCUMSTANCE is Romans 8:28 (And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.) This verse had brought tremendous help to a multitude of believers! This book is actually two books in one. The first section is 64 pages and when flipped over you read a second title, THE OTHER MOST ENCOURAGING VERSE...., which is Hebrews 13:5 (God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you...”) This second section is also 64 pages. In both sections, many testimonies of the reality of these truths – past and present – ought to encourage your heart!   read more...

FAITH, HOPE, AND LOVE: ONE DAY AT A TIME  In our day faith, hope, and love have been cheapened in their meaning and made void of their biblical emphasis. In this book of daily devotional studies, we will attempt to define these terms and seek useful applications to our lives.  Probably one of the most comprehensive studies of these three essential words every published. Formerly published in a shorter edition, THREE ABIDING REALITIES. –  Now 378 pages.

CHURCH LIFE; BUILDING ON THE FOUNDATION OF JESUS CHRIST We may devote our lives to working “for the Lord.”  But, will our works one day stand the test of the Lord’s fire? It is a scary thought that we could be very successful by all the outward standards, yet when it comes to the Judgment Seat of Christ, all of our  works will be  burned up. In this book, see the difference between a life work that is built upon THE FOUNDATION and one which is merely built on “another foundation.”  We take a biblical and practical look at church life and ask the reader to reevaluate concepts like fellowship, training for “ministry,” shared leadership, meeting in the home, judging ministries, and maintaining unity in diversity. Your thinking on these matters will likely be challenged!   read more...

THE JUDGMENTS OF GOD — "Eternal Judgments" is a foundational doctrine and yet there has been very little published on the subject.  This book deals with God's judgment in a comprehensive manner in 280 pages.  Chapters include "God's Judgment in History"; "God's Judgment in the Present Time"; "God's Judgment Through Natural Disasters"; and several practical chapters as "God's Judgment in the Church."   read more...

SAFEGUARDS FOR THE SAINTS — It is not enough to address all the dangers that believers face; our emphasis must be on practical and preventive measures which ensure safety and soundness for the people of God. This book was revised in 2008 and now has twelve chapters. Topics include: Walking in Humility; Repentance (Turning God’s Way); Keeping Christ our All in All; Living in the Fear of God; Having a Love for the Truth; Maintaining a Servant Spirit, and Enduring to the End. Excellent for small groups.

KINGDOM PRIORITIES — This follow-up book to Safeguards for the Saints emphasizes priorities in God’s kingdom which will not only guard our faith from suffering shipwreck, but will also help us become increasingly fruitful in all that we do. Chapters include: Appreciating the Grace of God; Seeking First the Kingdom of God; Standing in the Righteousness of Christ; Utilizing What We Have; Avoiding an Independent Spirit ; Arming Our Minds To Suffer; and Thanking God in All Circumstances.

THE TEACHER AND HIS TEACHING — This book looks first at the character of the teacher, then suggests practical methods of teaching. Chapters include The Goal of the Teacher, Good Teaching, The Effective Teacher, The Teacher and his Reading, Practical Matters in Teaching. Good resource for all who love to teach God’s word!

LOVING THE APPROVAL OF GOD -  What is the motivation for what we do – the approval of God or the applause of men? This is no small matter; Scripture indicates that anyone who is constantly motivated by a desire to please people and keep everyone happy cannot be a true servant of Christ (Gal. 1:10).  In this booklet we examine  symptoms of this problem and offer  practical prevention.    read more...

THERE IS MORE TO ETERNITY THAN LIVING HAPPILY-EVER-AFTER WITH YOUR MATE (A Word to the Wife Who Think's She's Stuck in a Mismatched Marriage) Many wives  are unhappy in their marriages and believe the Devil's lie: "You deserve better than this . . . you need to get out!"  This booklet encourages "mismatched" mates to find their joy and strength in Christ and "hang in there."   read more...

GROWING OLD IN THE GRACE OF GOD - This new book intends to present an optimistic view of life’s latter years. We will not skirt the hard issues of old age, but readers will be encouraged to develop a positive, eternal perspective. Chapters include: Battling the Beauty Myth; Caring for Elderly Relatives; Watching Over Widow; Maintaining a Grateful Heart; Facing Death With an Optimistic Faith; Leaving a Lasting Legacy; and Finishing Our Race Well. Without strong faith in the present and a hope for the future, we will surely retreat into a sense of foreboding and anxiety about our aging.

DIVORCE AND REMARRIAGE: SEEKING A BALANCE OF TRUTH AND COMPASSION  The subject of divorce and remarriage is one of the more difficult issues debated within the contemporary church.  The potential for controversy is significant because the various conflicting positions are usually deeply held by those from different traditions. Yet, divorce is also a “bullet” which the church cannot dodge.  Not only is divorce rampant in secular culture, it is increasingly common among Christians.  Sadly, cases abound where unbiblical compromise has led to an “easy” way out of marriage for the frustrated, disappointed, or adventuresome. On the other hand, some who are hurting are repulsed because of the church’s often shallow and rigid approach to this issue.  In this booklet, we encourage a combination of faithfulness to truth with a heartfelt compassion for people.



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