Overcomers in Christ


                          by Clay Sterrett

After traveling to Uganda and India over twenty times in the past 28 years, and conducting many training seminars for church leaders, this past year I sensed the Holy Spirit was bringing this regular traveling to an end.

However, in another sense, I am now traveling more than ever in these countries!

This past year I worked with three key Ugandan leaders to write a book that will have more of an African emphasis. Overcomers in Christ is a 336 page teaching book with twenty practical chapters. The topics would probably be good for small group study and discussion. 

  1. Overcoming Sin  (Godís Gift of Salvation)
  2. Overcoming Uncertainty  (Godís Gift of Assurance)
  3. Overcoming Bitterness  (Godís Gift of Forgiveness)
  4. Overcoming Selfishness    (Godís Gift of a New Nature)
  5. Overcoming Anxiety   (Godís Gift of Inner Peace)
  6. Overcoming Unhappiness   (Godís Gift of Joy)
  7. Overcoming Rejection  (Godís Gift of Acceptance)
  8. Overcoming Loneliness  (Godís Gift of Family)
  9. Overcoming Depression  (Godís Gift of Encouragement)
  10. Overcoming Stubborn Habits (Godís Gift of Self-Control)
  11. Overcoming Weaknesses   (Godís Gift of Power)
  12. Overcoming Sexual Immorality  (Godís Gift of Purity)
  13. Overcoming Marital Strife (Godís Gift of Marital Love)
  14. Overcoming Financial Bondage (Godís Gift of Contentment)
  15. Overcoming Anger   (Godís Gift of Kindness)
  16. Overcoming Tribalism (Godís Gift of Forbearance)
  17. Overcoming Fear  (Godís Gift of Boldness)
  18. Overcoming Hypocrisy  (Godís Gift of Sincerity)
  19. Overcoming Satanís Deceptions (Godís Gift of Discernment)
  20. Overcoming Dread of Death  (Godís Gift of Eternal Life)

In this book I have included contributions and testimonies from these three men, and I have used many African illustrations and notes from their commentaries.  This book is being printed in Kampala, Uganda, and is currently being distributed to leaders in several African countries.

While this book was written primarily to encourage the followers of Christ in Uganda and other nations of Africa, probably over 95% of the material will be relevant to Americans as well.  I have discovered Ė no matter where I have traveled in the world Ė that believers face common problems and the gospel message is a universal message. Hopefully, most of the teaching material in this book has universal applications. I pray this book will also help strengthen and prepare the members of His church to be overcomers in America!



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