By Clay Sterrett

In times of uncertainty and spiritual danger, what will insure the safety and soundness of Christ's followers? Combining balanced teaching with practical application. Dealing with essential but often neglected topics. These devotional books are excellent for small group study.

SAFEGUARDS FOR THE SAINTS ó It is not enough to address all the dangers that believers face; our emphasis must be on practical and preventive measures which ensure safety and soundness for the people of God. This book was revised in 2008 and now has twelve chapters. Topics include: Walking in Humility; Repentance (Turning Godís Way); Keeping Christ our All in All; Living in the Fear of God; Having a Love for the Truth; Maintaining a Servant Spirit, and Enduring to the End. Excellent for small groups. 

KINGDOM PRIORITIES ó This follow-up book to Safeguards for the Saints emphasizes priorities in Godís kingdom which will not only guard our faith from suffering shipwreck, but will also help us become increasingly fruitful in all that we do. Chapters include: Appreciating the Grace of God; Seeking First the Kingdom of God; Standing in the Righteousness of Christ; Utilizing What We Have; Avoiding an Independent Spirit ; Arming Our Minds To Suffer; and Thanking God in All Circumstances.





  1. Walking in Humility

  2. Turning God's Way

  3. Keeping Christ our All in All

  4. Bearing Our Cross Daily

  5. Living in the Fear of God

  6. Having a Love for the Truth

  7. Developing a Listening Ear

  8. Acting in Sincerity of Faith

  9. Functioning in the New Covenant

  10. Showing Mercy to All Men

  11. Maintaining a Servant Spirit

  12. Enduring to the End



  1. Appreciating the Grace of God

  2. Seeking First the Kingdom of God

  3. Focusing on Our Heavenly Father

  4. Standing in the Righteousness of Christ

  5. Avoiding an Independent Spirit

  6. Becoming a Person of Integrity

  7. Desiring the Whole Counsel of God

  8. Utilizing What We Have

  9. Knowing Our Union in Christ

  10. Arming Our Minds To Suffer

  11. Thanking God in All Circumstances

  12. Longing for His Appearing



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