The Teacher and His Teachings



By Clay Sterrett


In  our churches across the land, godly teaching has frequently been replaced by lovely sermons which keep emotions pleasantly satisfied, yet leave souls spiritually empty. At the other extreme is teaching which has become too academic with over emphasis on technically correct, systematic biblical knowledge. This often feeds intellectual craving and curiosity, but fails to produce changed character and fruitful action for the glory of God. The body of Christ needs to rediscover proper teaching for the local assembly and for the individual disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Teacher and His Teachings focuses first on the inner charcter of the teacher and then on the methods he uses. This 2006 edition is a revision of a work Clay originally wrote in 1990. All chapters have been revised and half of the material is new. The Teacher and His Teachings is 120 pages.

Chapters include:

  • The Character of the Teacher

  • The Effective Teacher

  • Good Teaching

  • The Teacher as Facilitator

  • The Teacher and his Reading

  • Practical Matters in Teaching




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